sO here is another one that I cooked today – it is good for taking to university cause it is better eaten cold

here is what you need

– paprika

– tomatoes

– pepper, salt

– olive oil

– green salad

– couscous
basically, you cut the vegetables into pieces. boil water and put it on the couscous (double amount water the  couscous) and let it for 10 minutes.  when the couscous is ready put olive oil over it, salt and pepper. mix it with the salad,tomatoes and paprika.  

voilà!! take away food is done 🙂 

Simply Friet

Did you know: Fries are vegan 😉

to top my last post in terms of laziness, here comes the ultimate… just put fries in the oven. #cookingbutnocooking

you need

– fries 

– ketchup

– salt (obviously)

– some salad, tomato

– olive oil
so, while the fries rest in the oven you wash some salad, put oil and salt over it. get the fries and ketchup. 

voilà! what a dinner 😀

Lazy Sunday

Are you hungover, didn’t you sleep last night? was the party good? 😉 

yes, another Sunday it is and I share with you now what I always do these hungover afternoons -> my cure 😉

my life hack is always to have spaghetti and pesto in the house. so what you need is 

– whole wheat spaghetti 

– green pesto (or any other, the cheapest you can find, around one euro)

– 10 minutes to boil the spaghetti and mix them with half of the glass pesto

Make sure though that you read the ingredients when you buy the pesto. a lot of it is done with milkpowder nowadays so that is not something we want 😉 

alright, that’s it!!

happy hungover lazy advent

Long Lasting Breakfast

​I always eat the same for breakfast (well, most of the time) and I can recommend eating it because it lasts so long. I am not hungry after this for at least three to five of not even six hours (depending in what I do) and I do feel a lot better throughout the day after a warm breakfast.

here we go, you need:

– the cheapest oatmeal (fine ) you can find or any similar oatmealish cereals 

– a spoon coconut cream out of a can (use the leftover from my first recipie)

– salt (the most important thing here, trust me, otherwise it tastes horrible)

– honey 

– tab water

– apple or banana

– eventually, if you have more money you can of course go buy nuts and or raisins to add but it is really not necessary
what do you do with it?

You put the oatmeal in a bowl and fill it with tab water on top so that the oats are covered in water. add the coconut cream and an amount of honey that pleases you, now put salt over it as if it was a normal dish and not breakfast unless you eat your dishes way too salty then stay with a normal amount (you will not regret this). put it for two minutes on the highest level in the microwave. in that time cut the apple/ banana into pieces

you take it out the microwave (don’t burn yourself on the bowl), add  the fruit, mingle everything and Voilà!! 🙂

Whole Wheat Pasta

so… my first recipie on this blog. it is cheap – that I can say. and fast

for one person that either eats a lot or twice from it

you need:

– a very large carott

– some leftover Brokkoli

– half a can coconut cream 

– any whole wheat pasta

– half an onion
you boil the Brokkoli and carrot in pieces in a bit of water with salt and pepper and spices that you like. you boil the pasta at the same time.

you fry the onion pieces separately in oil, use salt and anything you like. add the cook vegetables to the onions, head them up, add the coconut cream, let it cook a little. taste it and I you don’t like it add salt or pepper or anything you like. finally, put the pasta to the sauce, heat it up and